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Coursework Course and Monash Passport Unit Proposals

Course proposals

Academic Board approval is required for proposals for new courses, major amendments of courses, and course disestablishment



Submission Dates for 2014

New course

New Course Master (docx 152kb)



Submission dates 2014- doc 26kb

Major amendment of a course

Major Amendment Master (docx 135kb)

Disestablishment of a course

Disestablishment Master (docx 69kb)


For more information, please refer to the New Course and Major Amendment Proposal Information Sheet (docx 19kb)


For suggested file naming conventions and emails for proposals for new coursework courses, major amendments and disestablishment of courses please refer to Course Approvals - file naming conventions and email templates (docx 17kb)



Coursework Courses and Unit Accreditation Policy and Procedures

  • Coursework Courses and Units Accreditation Policy
  • Coursework Courses and Units Accreditation Procedures

Definition of a Major Course Amendment

To assist you in deciding whether an amendment is a major or minor amendment, please refer to the checklist.

Course amendment process for implementation of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)

Under the TEQSA Qualification Standard, the University's degrees and awards are required to be consistent with the qualification descriptors contained within the AQF by 1 January 2015. A number of courses will require amendments to admission requirements, learning outcomes, volume of learning and course structure to align with AQF requirements. In order to streamline this process, amendments may be submitted by faculties via a bulk approval process using the AQF-related course amendment template (26kb).

It is recommended that the bulk approval of any changes to courses be undertaken by Coursework Admissions and Programs Committee (CAPC) 1/14.  As such, faculties should email completed forms to no later than Monday, 20 January 2014.

Malaysian Qualifications Framework

At the Sunway campus, the Course Accreditation Business Rule must also be followed for new courses and major amendments to demonstrate compliance with the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF): Complete Appendix A3 and Appendix C Templates. These are required to demonstrate compliance with the MQF.

Writing, editing and approval of text for AHEGS fields

New course proposals need to include a description of the award that will be printed on the AHEGS that students will receive at graduation. There are a number of resources available to assist course proposer with writing AHEGS statements.

Policy Compliance Checklists

The following forms may be of value to faculty proposers when considering whether aspects of their proposals coincide with the University's policies and procedures. Load planning items are included in the checklists in relation to OPQ's broader requirements.

  • New and amended courses policy compliance checklist (doc 35kb)

Proposals for passport co-curricula programs and cross-listed units


Coursework Admissions and Programs Committee approval is required for proposals for Monash Passport Units, Passport co-curricula programs (0 credit point) and cross-listed units.  Please refer to the Minimum Specifications for The Monash Passport before submitting a completed proposal.






New Monash Passport or Cross-listed Units

New Monash Passport
and Cross-listed Unit template (doc 410kb)

Monash Passport and Cross-listed Units (pdf 49kb)

Submit to

Passport co-curricula programs (0 credit point) Nomination of a co-curriculum program to the Monash Passport (doc 385kb)   Submit to


Monash Curriculum Position Papers

  • Monash Curriculum Model (pdf 93kb)
  • Monash and the Bologna Process (pdf 478kb)
  • The Monash Coursework Research Track Framework: Minimum Specifications for Courses (pdf 111kb)
  • Diplomas at Monash (pdf 106kb)